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Alida Wallenda-Cortes

Alida Wallenda-CortesPhoto by John Tremblay

Alida is part of the seventh generation of The Flying Wallendas, one of the most well known circus families of all time. She represents not only the Wallendas, but also the Czech Republics’ unicycling champions, The Bertinis, and one of Italy’s best known bareback riders, Alberto Zoppé.

At the age of three Alida began performing in the circus ring clowning around with her father, Tino Wallenda-Zoppé. When she was eight she was allowed to try out the highwire, and by 10 was made a regular member of the act with her father and mother, Olinka Bertini. When she was 13, she added Spanish web to her repertoire and, at the age of 18, decided to put together her own act on the cloudswing. Along the way in her career she has performed on the double trapeze, on horseback, lyre, aerial chiffon and in the family’s unicycle act. In 1999 Alida also started performing on the cradle and flying trapeze when she married ROBINSON CORTES.

While performing in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, and France some of her most memorable moments are:

  • Doing her first skywalk in downtown Houston in 1997.
  • Helping to recreate The Flying Wallendas Seven person pyramid in 1998. (She was the first female in her family to hold the front, center level position.)
  • Being part of her family’s GUINESS BOOK of WORLD RECORDS eight person pyramid in 2001. (Also a 10 person pyramid was performed, but not officially recorded.)
  • Winning a silver statue for performing the seven person pyramid with her family at the 28th INTERNATIONAL CIRCUS FESTIVAL of MONTE CARLO in 2004.